Health check 1, 2, 3


I recorded this short video of myself singing one of my all time favourite songs, How Deep is Your Love by Bee Gees 2 days ago on Sunday 22nd March 2020.

At that time, I had no idea that the 48 hour curfew would be announced by Australian government to force restrictions on most people for social distancing.

Now that Australia is in a period of lockdown, I posted this to remind myself of my overall health for the time being, that I am free of a sore throat. Also, to remain humble because anything can change in just a matter of time.

Prayers for health go to everyone who appreciates this.


Dots on a map

In the beginning, individual cases were cumulatively being identified. We remember the stories and reporting of at least one Covid-19 individually mentioned case.

It’s a clear way of name and shame and as the toll for death and illness increase, they are dotted along as markings on a very articulate graph or axis. I hate to be blunt about this, it means we’ve been treating people like dots on a map, literally and figuratively.

Social distancing from other people will become more important. Please never forget to treat personal information of other people with the same privacy of space and respect. It makes a world of a difference for a viral attitude to fight this pandemic ✊


Golden Rule of No Regrets

Here’s a playlist to a regular night in and night out with no regrets, the golden rule for anyone who asks “So, how do you sleep at night?” 😇

This weekend, I’ll be having Uber Eats and with #socialfomo and #noregrets about my personal space 😂

Please say you like it too 😜


Rest for the wicked in lock down

It’s been a hectic 2020 already with wicked hashtags trending violent threats #ww?… and now a world pandemic affecting everyone to date.

The panic and hysteria shows that so many people have stopped trusting in natural process of human interaction. It’s funny, and very wicked to realise how each country responds politically.

What started off as people, and governments trusting the human interaction to “be warned” of violent threats or “self isolate” amid CoVid 19, has now resulted in policies to intervene “rules for human interaction”

More issues to come because everyone who has access to internet is apparently living an opinion, fast paced and sociable life (even in lock down) 🤣

I guess we’ve all been preparing for less human interaction in our own way. Maybe these lock down rules are a much needed way of forcing us to be more restful for such a heated full 3 months of 2020.

Just a thought for anyone experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Rapid shortness of breath
Rapid heart palpitations
Rapid headaches
Rapid emotional turbulence

It’s nature’s way of saying “slow down in lock down”

I hope you all find peace with yourselves and if you’re not already at that point, then this is the right time to search for it.


Date Fate


Since Valentine’s Day is only just about some days away. Here are some thoughts I’ve been meaning to share about recent sparked conversation when I was asked about what my best and worst date was like.

I’ve honestly never been heartbroken, so I don’t think I’ve been on a bad date. But one thing most people have in common are expectations of ideal dates, or rather – (romantic) relationship experiences.

So many of my friends recall that: An ideal date goes wildly wrong when the package is sold exaggeratedly

Expectations sold too negatively and you’ll anxiously prepare for the worst in your date

Expectations sold too positively and surely you’ll be crushed when this idea is unfulfilled by your date

I guess this is heartbreaking for some people, when emotions can be manipulated like yo-yo tricks.

But I have never been sold over by only just someone’s sweet talk. This is because of my mama’s most slain message for me since birth “actions speak louder than words”. What it means about my best and worst dates – this means I’ve never argued with a guy I’ve dated and that I just “enjoy myself” as moments unfold.

To that point, “I enjoy myself in someone else’s company” – then any potential worst could take a turn for the best. Valentine’s Day could be “happy love yourself in all conditions, and any company.”

When the best and worst date is the same occasion, the main event YOU ❤


Skin Care for the Sun Kissed

As I mentioned a little earlier, I’ve had a lot more free time to burn lately, and that’s exactly what I’ve been up to! I have been notoriously soaking up sun every day for the past 3 days and the casual lounging by the beach in the lead up to starting my new job. I’m successfully several shades darker and also personally discovered waterproof foundation, which is a real gem while in between plunging in and out of the waves. Yes, I’ve had the best time but my skin is now paying for the consequences.

My skin’s mood every time I get out for some fresh salty air and pretty much soak the sun for a new skin shade has been dehydrated from the natural sun’s rays and in battle with clogged pores because of my constant waterproofed make up.

  1. Clogged pores cause them to be enlarged and weigh down the skin with an uneven surface.
  2. Dehydrated skin can cause your skin to crack with an uneven surface

These areas of concern for me are signals for ageing but I use a couple of things to combat them

Meeting Medusa

The Key Halloween

📍 33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, NSW Australia

Here’s a bit of action from last night. I’m sure you’d get pretty overwhelmed with my twerking bloopers but let’s keep it classy on the messiest night of the year.

VIP Halloween Party

You’d meet me as Medusa at The Key Halloween last night. This club spins on point R&B all night and goes out on a whim in the themed dress code of horror glamour. Also to mention, VIP guests hit the bar for cocktail on arrival and appetising pizza

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween this year 👻

Love wins the race

Just a little inspiration from one of my favourite poems by Atticus (above). The idea of inter-racial family and of finding cross cultural love is genius here.

If race and cultural background didn’t matter so much for “starting a family”, parents would and should still want to give their children the best chances of:

  • Personal growth
  • Being loved
  • Achievements and success (e.g. intellect, physical ability)

All of the above without compromise comes at the price of acceptance – It’s free ❤️

Knock out opportunity

It’s hard to forget some pains. Even though pain is temporary, it’s important to pick yourself back up and start again.

I had a lot of free time lately and I wasn’t waiting for the sunshine to grant me my wishes. I lost something important to me recently and have had to create some new space for better things.

Right now, I’m looking brighter at a new chance to start over in the next coming weeks.

You might find out what it is soon.