An after party called success

After attempting a creative skill for the first time, at any time, I’ll admit that I hadn’t been the greatest. Disappointments can come across as an opportunity to practice and keep at it.

If your failure to succeed was determined by an authority to qualify, keep in mind that their authorising structures and rules will eventually be superseded and when that happens, that qualifying authority will also still be “learning”.

Uber Rated Passenger

Random thought today.

A raking of 5 on Uber is high or low?

Because my very first Uber ride got cancelled, the driver took my money and rated me 5 stars. Out of courtesy, I’m fine to believe that means I’m a top league customer, even though I’d never been an Uber passenger at that point.

Never say never πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚

The Better Option

As much as we know, it’s always the better option to go ahead and purchase something on promotion.

Last month, I purchased 2 belly button rings from a jewellery store because they were pure gold and I was sold by the fact that they were on promotion, which prompted me to go ahead and shop them. I must admit though, I did not even having my naval pierced! I pretty much endured some pain at that by recently getting my piercing done, to realise that the 2 previous belly button rings I had were not to standard for an initial piercing…

Likewise, a family member had purchased cat food some time ago at a discount because the ingredients were pretty much so similar to the dietary requirements… of his pet dog

We always choose the better option and here, we have many:

Video captured at Industrie8 Body Piercing

Lady in red

Location: Bondi Beach

So blessed and thankful for this beautiful day, where its summer days ahead in Sydney, Australia

Yes, it’s that festive season again and likewise, my birthday will be coming up soon!

I keep seeing red and more red even more so than ever before. It could mean many things, of course:
1. Because I’m pretty sure its soon to be gift hogging days
2. I see red because… my Christmas gifts are actually my birthday gifts…
And underneath it all, it really means, “Tis The Season To Treat Yo-Self”