Rest for the wicked in lock down

It’s been a hectic 2020 already with wicked hashtags trending violent threats #ww?… and now a world pandemic affecting everyone to date.

The panic and hysteria shows that so many people have stopped trusting in natural process of human interaction. It’s funny, and very wicked to realise how each country responds politically.

What started off as people, and governments trusting the human interaction to “be warned” of violent threats or “self isolate” amid CoVid 19, has now resulted in policies to intervene “rules for human interaction”

More issues to come because everyone who has access to internet is apparently living an opinion, fast paced and sociable life (even in lock down) 🤣

I guess we’ve all been preparing for less human interaction in our own way. Maybe these lock down rules are a much needed way of forcing us to be more restful for such a heated full 3 months of 2020.

Just a thought for anyone experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Rapid shortness of breath
Rapid heart palpitations
Rapid headaches
Rapid emotional turbulence

It’s nature’s way of saying “slow down in lock down”

I hope you all find peace with yourselves and if you’re not already at that point, then this is the right time to search for it.


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