Date Fate


Since Valentine’s Day is only just about some days away. Here are some thoughts I’ve been meaning to share about recent sparked conversation when I was asked about what my best and worst date was like.

I’ve honestly never been heartbroken, so I don’t think I’ve been on a bad date. But one thing most people have in common are expectations of ideal dates, or rather – (romantic) relationship experiences.

So many of my friends recall that: An ideal date goes wildly wrong when the package is sold exaggeratedly

Expectations sold too negatively and you’ll anxiously prepare for the worst in your date

Expectations sold too positively and surely you’ll be crushed when this idea is unfulfilled by your date

I guess this is heartbreaking for some people, when emotions can be manipulated like yo-yo tricks.

But I have never been sold over by only just someone’s sweet talk. This is because of my mama’s most slain message for me since birth “actions speak louder than words”. What it means about my best and worst dates – this means I’ve never argued with a guy I’ve dated and that I just “enjoy myself” as moments unfold.

To that point, “I enjoy myself in someone else’s company” – then any potential worst could take a turn for the best. Valentine’s Day could be “happy love yourself in all conditions, and any company.”

When the best and worst date is the same occasion, the main event YOU ❤


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